Monday, January 29, 2018

A Powerful Truth - They All Seem To Look The Same

Just about everyone uses the Internet. The Internet has evolved to the point where it is considered almost a necessity comparable to electricity and water, because the Internet is knowledge and, knowledge is power. I am sure that you have noticed by now that most of the websites on the Internet all look a bit.... similar. Should we be worried that websites are starting to look more like carbon copies than unique creations? Is this something we should just accept (or even embrace)?

It is True

Yes it is true, a lot of websites nowadays look very similar, but this does not mean that creativity is dead. On the contrary, these are very exciting times for the designers and the developers, web technology has never been so powerful as it is today, and so native.

Browser support for photos, videos, and audio on a web page without plug-ins allows for even more creative uses. Plus there is virtual reality, augmented reality, geo-location, built-in phone sensors, and web sockets to allow multi-device real-time interactive experiences. All of these technologies can come together to create great experiences and amazingly creative designs.

It is not all about the "full-screen" background photo or video, it is about the concept, the content, and the creativity behind an experience. Focus on the capabilities of the devices, focus on the reach and the potential of these technologies that create different and engaging experiences. I am not saying to do what everyone else is doing, or follow the trend just for the sake of following the trend. Be creative and unleash your creativity through a full-screen and responsive web design, using 3D, video, photography, and audio to create an experience, not just a website.

So no, I’ am not one who is worried that so many websites look alike. It is simply an outcome of the common resources we have, and I believe that it is a good thing that designers have more tools online to create their own content and to express themselves to create great experiences and amazingly creative designs.

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